We Did It One More Time!The 7th edition of “Wo-men in #Sustainability”forum was held successfully!   We discussed about “How to Build Awareness with Experience, Education and Influence” .A special ...
ANYONE interested in saving water and reducing CO2 emissions?This week, we received government representatives and organizations to experience the first functional prototype in our SHINE office!- J...
Last week, our founder and chairwomen Sophia Slingerland, was presenting SHINE closed loop solutions at the 6th China EHS and Sustainability Summit. China EHS and Sustainability Summit is a two day...
Thank you to the Consulate General of France in Shanghai for your support and invitation on the occasion of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment.During this exclusive conference, our founder...
It is an honor to have been invited by the Industrial and Commercial Bankof China (ICBC) to participate in the China Europe CEO Summit at CIIE(China International Import Expo).“I am happy to see su...
Did you know?Toilets are commonly made of ceramic … but IS ceramic GOOD for the environment?Clay ceramics manufacturing, which are producing sanitary-ware(such as toilets, sinks, etc.), are greatly...
We asked this question to Sophia Slingerland: "Has your ESG leadership had any impact on your dealings with local partners or government? How does your approach help to foster ESG bestpractice in C...
Last weekend, our chairwomen Sophia Slingerland supported Rotary Club Shanghai Élysée and DEBRA to fight this terrible disease.We are fighting for our children! Last weekend, the Rotary Club Shangh...
This morning, it was an honor to present SHINE Green Tech solutions in frontof Changyang Campus Deputy General Manager, Mr. Zhan Ruigang, Shanghai TusStar Executive Vice President Mrs. Wang Lei and...
Because climate changes are happening NOW, Sophia Slingerland, our Founder, is always trying to share her knowledge with others. Last month, she was speaking at two key conferences:- “Smart and Sus...
Our Founder and Chairwoman, Sophia Slingerland, was selected to participate in the second round of the Global University Innovationand Entrepreneurship Competition organized by the Global Universit...
Thank you for participating in the WiS (Wo-men in Sustainability) conference this past week!We talked about #closedloop and #circulareconomy, specifically the need for zero waste solutions and busi...
Last week, we were invited to speak and present SHINE ecological technology solutions at the Tech for Climate Action Conference: Sustainability Meets Construction.Thank you Green Initiatives 绿色倡议, ...
We got the price of excellence and much more!Last week, our Chairwomen Sophia Slingerland was invited for the second and final Global Digital Economy Conference of 2022 in Beijing, to present SHINE...
An interview with Sophia Slingerland has been broadcasted by CGTN FRANCAIS (in French and Chinese).Check it out: Facebook: Twitter: https://lnkd....
Ateliers-Phi is hosting this forum about"Why Diversity & Inclusivity Matters". Would you like to attend?
We are actually wasting 35 liters of water per day per person just by flushing toilets.But have we forgotten that water IS the main reason for life on earth ?
This Wednesday, our Founder and GM Sophia Slingerland will be sharing her experience on how to create a business solution that will positively impact society.

Date: Wednesday, October 20
Time: 6:30p
Last month, our founder Sophia Slingerland donated 8000 #Breathealthy masks to the community of Yangzhou to help fight the pandemic.

"Our business foundation is based on a social enterprise model. On
Last week-end, Ateliers-Phi was attending the SwissBall 2021 at the magnificent W Hotels in Shanghai. A fun evening surrounded by our dear friends, clients and partners.

Thank you SwissCham China for
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Since 2018, Ateliers Phi develops SHINE toilets concepts - the first ecological waterless and off the grid dry toilets, developed with natural and up-cycled waste materials.