A Multi-functional ecological space

for Governments, Industries, Developers, and Fortune 500 companies.

- ESG compliant for Corporates.

-Fully green, zero-carbon, waterless & clean solution.

-Educative setup: about the climate changes and impacts though the usage.

We are creating solutions which are affordable and designed to protect people and our planet!

·Independent and Multi-functional space

Suitable for a cafe space, meeting room, gallery, activity space (for yoga) etc.

·100% Autonomous and Natural

Digitally conceived and built in passive house standard and renewable up-cycled and green materials.

What is a SHINE ZERO-Carbon Ecological House®?

Education Hub
Autonomous & Natural
Grey Water Recycling
Solar Energy Storage
Education Hub

A series of interactive experiences that

react to the water usage of the user. Interactive wash basin mirror: Embedded screen inside the wash basin mirror, creating a HUD. Additional content: different abstract colour palettes and elements showing the impact of climate crisis.


Autonomous & Natural

Built with passive house standard and renewable, up-cycled and green materials.

SHINE ZERO-Carbon Ecological House® allows for heating and cooling related energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building stock and over 75% compared with average new builds.

Grey Water Recycling system
Affordable closed loop solutions for multi-usage: Air cleaning, indoor agriculture, hand washing. This solution is suitable for public spaces, restaurants and more.
Solar Energy Storage
The electricity is generated from the façade and stored safelywith saltwater batteries. SHINE ZERO-Carbon Ecological House® is producing energy by itself, capturing solar energy with their Integrated Façade System (IFS) technology.
Dry Toilet
Hand Washing System
Aquaponic & Vertical Garden Solution
Saltwater Battery
Fully Dry SHINE Toilets®
Fully sustainable and natural, the dry system is gathering all humanure together and turning it into organic fertiliser in a natural and ecological way.
Hand Washing system

Using 100% natural materials, and natural water circuit and filtration system.

Vertical Farming & Aquaponic system

Reduces space and water usage, ensures consistency, and reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions.

Saltwater Battery
In saltwater batteries, a liquid solution of salt water is used to capture, store, and eventually discharge energy.

Why Considering SHINE ZERO-Carbon Ecological House®?

For Independent and multifunctional space

Where to install SHINE ZERO-Carbon Ecological House®?

For Sustainable and Zero carbon Solutions


In any public areas oroutdoor spaces:

Parking spaces

Malls and plazas

Gardens & Parks

Wet markets

And more!

Save 90%

What does SHINE ZERO-Carbon Ecological House® requires?

For Dry Toilet
Detergent, toilet paper, bags
Can be a cafe, yoga space, gallery, meeting room etc.
For Multi-function—————————
For Recyclable water
Organic detergent for all use
For Electricity—————————
PV Panels and salty water batteries
For Vertical Garden etc.
Seeds and love
It depends on the specific design and size.
For the displayed version with an occupancy rate of 200 usages / day the repay is within 6 months.

How much does SHINE ZERO-Carbon Ecological House® and
SHINE toilets® costs?

We offer an answer to climate crisis with this green impactful technology for humankind.  

We provide a low cost solution for governments, industries, ESG programs of

fortune 500 companies and the people.

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Since 2018, Ateliers Phi develops SHINE toilets concepts - the first ecological waterless and off the grid dry toilets, developed with natural and up-cycled waste materials.